Supporting International (new) Students in a COVID-era

- learnings from the experts -

Boston time: 09 September 2020 – 19:00 EDT
Melbourne time: 10 September 2020 – 09:00 AEST

About the Panel Discussion

In the midst of the current global events, universities world-wide were abruptly forced to act agile and implement fast changes to their traditional way of delivering higher education, and to the onboard and support for their students.


Because of the magnitude of the Spring semester and a large corridor from China, Australia’s intake was heavily impacted about 6 months earlier than institutions in the Northern hemisphere. The Vice-Chancellor and President of The Australian National University, Professor Brian P. Schmidt, will share what can be grasped from their experience.

edX is one of the world’s leading organisations serving fully online learners; their founder, Anant Agarwal will discuss vision, learning, needs, and best practices involved around online higher education.

Join our session to learn:

the vision on what will be the most profound impact of the crisis on higher education
impact, learnings, and tips
the vision on the future of education
best practice on online learning, and how institutions can leverage it best for the upcoming semester, but also for the long time future

Registration deadline: 9 September 2020


Brian Schmidt

Professor Brian P. Schmidt

Vice-Chancellor and President
The Australian National University

2011 Nobel Laureate Physics

Ananant Agarwal

Professor Anant Agarwal

Founder and CEO 


Edwin van Rest

Edwin van Rest
CEO and Co-Founder

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