COMM | Museum of Communication

October 28 - 29, 2019 The Hague

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Connect, Be Inspired & Gain Insights!

The Studyportals Academy brings together passionate professionals in the realm of higher education. Together with our experienced speakers and trainers, you will engage with the challenges and trends which are shaping the strategies in international student recruitment.

Join us if you want to enhance your understanding of how to champion student success in your organisation, integrate it with your digital marketing and student recruitment, or better understand the next generation of students. Through co-created sessions, sharing of experiences and implementing best practices, you will explore new opportunities and restock your toolbox to tackle the challenges in international higher education. 

What can I learn?

What is changing in international student recruitment and how will this impact your institution? Our experts will cover topics such as changing an organisation from the inside to become more data-centric in their decision making, the global impact of international students, the new generation of students’ needs and expectations.

What can I expect?

Expect hands-on workshops, diverse sessions and inspiring keynotes, grouped in three different tracks. Choose the topics and solutions that you are most interested in to enhance your learning opportunities. Meet and connect with other higher education professionals from around the world, and learn from their experiences.

Who should attend? 

Everyone interested in what is changing in international education, including higher education professionals from senior to junior levels, involved with strategic internationalisation decisions, student recruitment & marketing, university branding, or admissions.

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