Mykolas Knasys

Marketing Consultant at Studyportals

Mykolas Knasys is a Marketing Consultant at Studyportals. He joined Studyportals in 2015 and has since worked on a variety of consulting projects, eventually finding his passion and strengths in web analytics, tracking, (digital) marketing strategies and web presence optimisation. Having conducted numerous website and Google Analytics audits, ROI analyses of online and offline student recruitment campaigns, and having set up complicated tracking for universities around the world, Mykolas has become an expert in these fields in the higher education industry.

In 2015 Mykolas has also conducted research and has written several popular articles on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in higher education.

His other responsibilities at Studyportals include consulting higher education institutions on marketing and recruitment strategies, web development, CRM consulting, market research, and training.

Mykolas holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Arnhem Business School.

My Sessions

Multi channel tracking with Google Analytics