Meltem Rijkers-Oktay

Senior Data & Analytics Consultant at Studyportals

Meltem Rijkers-Oktay works as Senior Data & Analytics Consultant in the Analytics & Consulting Team at Studyportals. She started working for Studyportals in 2011 with a particular focus on the UK and Turkish higher education market. Meltem quickly became the company’s expert on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager because of her technical expertise. Besides supporting Studyportals clients with more insight on country and discipline interest, campaign return on investment, and website audits and redesign, Meltem is increasingly providing training on Google Analytics for universities across Europe.

From 2017 until mid-2019 Meltem worked for Vodafone as Digital Performance Analyst and as Head of Data Insights for Greenhouse Group where she had the chance to lead projects related to data visualization, data architecture, data merging, data migration, automation, and personalization.

Meltem has studied Industrial Engineering & Management in Istanbul Yildiz Technical University, Turkey and holds a Graduate Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University. During her education, she has traveled and studied around Europe which brought her the passion for internationalism. Meltem believes in the strength of technology and data which enables us the transparency and informed decision making.

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