Marketing Data Analysis and Interpretation: The Beauty & The Beast

- Coronavirus edition -

28 April 2020

15:00 CEST (Amsterdam time)

About the Webinar

The evolving breadth and quantity of data at our disposal can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing rather than inform decision making. Ensure your recruitment decisions are robust, by learning how to avoid common pitfalls in misinterpreting critical business and market data.

This session will explore how data is analysed and visualized, ensuring international student recruitment decision-making is accurately informed within your university.


The topics are split into two parts:


The Beauty: Power and Importance of Data in Higher Education

• How the data is used in higher education and how it can help with decision making in different areas.
• New era; from Excel tables and graphs to interactive powerful dashboards.
• Examples from Studyportals regarding the powerful data resources that are being used for decision making.


The Beast: Danger of Data Visualisation That Can Mislead

• If not carefully questioned, how this endless pool of data and its visualisation can mislead and lead to inaccurate decision making.
• Basic rules and way of thinking to avoid these mistakes and use the power of the data and its visualisation to your benefit
• 5 data pitfalls to consider before trusting a data source or its story
• How Studyportals is ensuring data analysis is more robust and how they’ve overcome certain pitfalls
• Questions to be asked to cover each pitfall for informed decision making.

Learning outcomes


Understanding the truth behind data-driven decision making and how dangerously it can mislead when not analysed correctly. This session will give a clear list of pitfalls and questions to ask whenever a decision has to be made using data while showing the unlimited possibilities to use data for decision making in International Education.


Target audience


Anyone that has to make decisions using data and visualisations made from data.

The session will use examples from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia.



Coronavirus visuals and data will be included in the workshop to give you a better understand of the outbreak and its visualisation in the media.


Meltem Rijkers-Oktay
Senior Data & Analytics Consultant at Studyportals

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