Exclusive Nordics Workshop: Data and Strategic Decision Making

17 September 2020

15:00 CEST (Amsterdam time)
16:00 EEST (Helsinki time)

About the Online Workshop

Are you interested in guaranteeing your recruitment decisions by learning how to analyse data correctly? What about decision making at unforeseen circumstances? How to make decisions when you do not have data to base them on?

Join our free Exclusive Nordics Workshop: data and strategic decision making to better understand how data is analysed and visualized, and how to avoid common pitfalls of misinterpreting it. You will also learn more about your colleagues’ experiences of decision making during the current pandemic and join the experience sharing.

The workshop is split into two parts:

Importance of data in Higher Education & How to analyse it
In the first part, we discuss how data is used in higher education and how it can help with decision making in different areas. Besides interesting data examples of COVID-19, we share with you 5 typical data pitfalls to consider before trusting a data source or its story and give you four basic rules to follow in order to become better at analysing data.

Decision making during COVID-19 – Experience exchange
Making decisions is more difficult in unpredictable situations. In the second part of the workshop, we discuss more closely about decision making during a pandemic. We have a University Marketing Specialist as guest speaker describing the main pain points they faced during the corona outbreak and how they went about them. The participants can join the conversation and use our interactive tools to answer questions.

Learning outcomes


Why analyse data
How to analyse data
5 common data pitfalls
5 basic rules that take your data analysing to another level

Target audience

Anyone interested in using data as a support of decision making

The workshop is using examples from Nordic countries


Coronavirus related visuals and data

Interactive part for exchanging experiences about decision making during pandemic

Registration deadline: 16 September 2020



Meltem Rijkers-Oktay
Senior Data & Analytics Consultant at Studyportals


Marianna Niemi
Business Developer at Studyportals

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