Market Research for New Online Programmes

25th of June 2020

16:00 CEST (Amsterdam time) 15:00 GMT+1 (London time) 10:00 EST (Washington DC time)

About the Webinar

The ongoing global outbreak of COVID-19 has clearly disrupted the world of education globally in many ways, mostly for the worse. However, it has also shown that the world of higher education is not as static as many have thought – it is capable of far more change than expected!

Most higher education institutions have been able to offer ad-hoc online education using platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and quite a few are accelerating their preexisting plans for online education.
However, doing online education at the standard of on-campus education is difficult and requires a lot of investment in time, money and effort. As such, you need to be careful which programmes you will focus on first.

Cambridge Education Group Digital partners with UK universities to help create, market and deliver online and blended study programmes. Given the costs involved, research into the market potential of these programmes is a vital part of choosing which programmes to launch for them and their partners. 

Join us to experience their best practices of doing the research needed to launch new online academic programmes!

Registration deadline: 24th June


Manuel Frutos

Director of Business Development
Digital Division at Cambridge Education Group

Laurens Vehmeijer

Laurens Vehmeijer

Analytics Consultant

Studyportals Analytics and Consulting Team

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