From Education Revolution to Massive Success

An inspirational conversation with Dr. Zvi Galil about Georgia Tech's online Master in Computer Science, now teaching 100x the students, at a tenth of the cost

29 March 2021

16:00 CET (Amsterdam time) 10:00 EST (Washington DC time) 

About the webinar

In March 2020, universities around the world were suddenly forced to move some or all of their teaching online.  Georgia Tech had begun this process six years prior. In January 2014,  they shocked the education sector by offering a fully-online version of their master’s in Computer Science (OMSCS), for a tenth of the tuition fee. Their motto: “Accessibility through affordability and technology.”



OMSCS’ growth has been phenomenal. By this spring, the programme enrolled 11,300 students — and it is still growing every semester. It is apparently the largest master’s programme in the world in any subject online or on-campus. Their success has inspired similar MOOC-based programmes at other universities. The programme in itself contributes to a nationwide 10% growth of Computer Science graduates – one of the biggest skill shortages in the labor market. 



The conversation will cover the story of OMSCS: how Dean Galil started it, the controversy, change management, reinventing the teaching and service model, artificial teaching assistants, what has been learned, and the role the programme and its successors have played before and during the pandemic. And perhaps most interesting: how the learners of the online vs the on campus programs are different and have different needs.

Dr. Zvi Galil will also share his view on the role that online programmes can play in the future of higher education.

Registration deadline: 28th of March 2021


zvi galil round

Dr. Zvi Galil
Former John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean of Computing, Storey Chair, and Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Edwin van Rest

Edwin van Rest
CEO and Co-Founder

Carmen Neghina

Carmen Neghina
Senior Marketing Analytics Consultant

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