Diversification of Student Recruitment Markets, the Vaccine for Higher Education

7 April 2020

16:00 CEST / 15:00 GMT+1 / 10:00 EST

About the Webinar

The ongoing global outbreak of COVID-19 is causing a huge stir around the world. Scientists are running at full speed to develop a vaccine to contain its spread. Nevertheless, it takes several years to develop a vaccine against a disease – not early enough to overcome the outbreak.



But how exactly is this outbreak affecting the world of international education?
It is no secret that China has been the world’s largest source of international students. Countries like Australia, the US or the UK have been over-reliant on Chinese students for many, and they are now heavily impacted by the outbreak which is disrupting student mobility and limits international travel.


It is about time universities take the necessary vaccination to ensure more diversity on their campuses!


Join our webinar to learn more about diversification in international student recruitment. We have four tremendous experts who are thrilled to tell you more about the most promising recruitment countries in Asia and Africa.


Registration deadline: 6 April 2020


Maurits van Rooijen
Group Rector (CAO) of Global University Systems
Rector of the University of Applied Sciences Europe

Andrew Disbury

Vice President UK at M Square Media (MSM)

Monique Swennenhuis
Strategic Advisor International Marketing at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

René Lenssen

Founder and Director of EDUQUATOR

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