Covid-19 impact: risks, opportunities & coping strategies for International Higher Education

31 March 2020

11:00 Washington DC time (EST) / 16:00 London time (GMT+1) / 17:00 Amsterdam time (CEST)

About the Webinar

As the whole world is passing through extremely difficult times due to Covid-19, universities are faced with uncertainty and plenty of open questions.
However, opportunities can also arise, as long as strong strategies are put in place with agility.


Learn how to best do so, by joining our interactive panel discussion, which aims to respond to the future impact on student decision making, offer input on strategic scenario planning and give insights on the facets of digital education.

Registration deadline: 30 March 2020


Brad Farnsworth

Vice President
American Council on Education

Rachel Sandison

Vice Principal (External Relations) University of Glasgow

Thijs van Vugt

Director Analytics and Consulting Team Studyportals 

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