COVID-19 Impact: assessing the damage for 2020-2021 and beyond

29 September 2020

15:00 GMT+1 (London time) | 16:00 CEST (Amsterdam time) 

About the Panel Discussion

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, universities were faced with uncertainty and plenty of open questions, especially about the autumn intake of international students and the future of international education in general. 

In this panel discussion, we will address how significant the actual decline in international enrolments has been for UK universities and business schools and what lessons can be learned towards the January and September intakes of 2021. 

Registration deadline: 28th of September 2020


Bobby Mehta

Bobby Mehta
Chair of BUILA and Director of 
UoP Global University of Portsmouth

Phil Baty

Phil Baty
Chief Knowledge Officer

Times Higher Education

Anne Kiem

Anne Kiem
Chief Executive

Chartered Association of Business Schools  

Thijs van Vugt

Thijs van Vugt

Director of Analytics and Consulting Team

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