Bringing Harvard Online – and the vision of ‘the 60-year curriculum’

Virtual Deep Dive with Hunt Lambert,

Dean Emeritus of Division of Continuing Education at Harvard University

16 July 2020

16:00 CEST (Amsterdam time) 15:00 GMT+1 (London time) 08:00 MDT (Denver, CO time)

About the Interview

Learners’ needs constantly evolve. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to transform curricula of higher education institutions. 

Join us to learn from the experience of Harvard University – one of the most traditional universities – in bringing their programmes online.


How one of the world’s most prestigious and traditional universities went online, and already pre Covid served more students in the cloud than on campus


The future of education: From the 4 years to ‘the 60-year curriculum’

Key differences – and misconceptions – between traditional and fully online learners


Hunt Lambert

Hunt Lambert
Dean Emeritus of the Division of Continuing Education
Harvard University

Edwin van Rest

Edwin van Rest
CEO and Co-Founder

Thijs van Vugt

Thijs van Vugt

Director of Analytics and Consulting Team

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