Around the World in 60 Minutes with Data:

How 2020 changed International Student Interest for the UK

25th February 2021

15:00 GMT+1 (London time)
16:00 CEST (Amsterdam time) 

About the Session

2020 has been a game-changer: student mobility has been largely affected, and student interest in the UK has changed as well. Students have been browsing online and considering options abroad for their studies; now that marketing and recruitment have moved mostly online it is crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of student interest.

The webinar will drive you through long-term changes and sudden shocks, trying to make sense of what has been a complex year: keeping the focus on the UK, as the destination, and summarising the core changes for international student interest by subject area and countries of origin.

Registration deadline: 24th of February 2021



Rachel Sandison

Vice Principal (External Relations) University of Glasgow

Bobby Mehta

Bobby Mehta
Chair of BUILA and Director of 
UoP Global University of Portsmouth

Thijs van Vugt

Thijs van Vugt

Director of Analytics and Consulting Team

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