Martijn Klabbers

I am the activity lead of the Blended Masters at EIT Digital. EIT Digital is the digital community of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology, an organisation built on top of European Universities and Companies. With my team I have produced 18 MOOCs for the pan European Embedded Systems double degree Master Programme and currently working on a Data Science Master programme. The MOOCs allow students to follow the first semester of this programme online.


I studied Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University Delft and continued as a researcher at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). Next, I started as a software developer at NIPO Software, a software department of a market research company, and subsequently became project leader and product manager, responsible for the data collection suite used by 200 market research companies worldwide. At the TU/e, I am a project manager and project developer at the Project Development Office, starting and managing international projects. I am also active in the University and Faculty Council of the TU/e.


In my spare time I like amateur acting and currently preparing a play of Chekhov: the Wedding.

My Sessions