The 2019 edition of the Studyportals Academy will draw insights from the experience of multidisciplinary higher education experts and complement them with the practical skills you need to execute on your newly acquired ideas. Compile your individual programme by choosing from a variety of topics: 

Student insights

Who are your future students and how do they decide  where to study abroad? Learn how to segment and target students in various key markets from the higher education marketing experts who experiment with new tactics. Talk to students 1-1 and hear what their journey to finding a study abroad looks like.


Discover how to research global student demand and what are some of the best practices to launch a new programme. We will take a deep dive into how to use real-time insights into student enrolments and student interest for selected cities and countries to determine what new courses to offer. 

Lifelong learning and the expanding share of adult learners has prompted a boom in online education. It has brought universities the opportunity to attract a new student audience, but also the challenge of students not seeing their online studies through to the end. Here we’ll look into how to select the right online programmes for optimal student success.

Join an interactive student panel where you would have the possibility to converse 1-1 with international students and pick their brains about their decision-making journey.

International strategy

What your institution has to offer to international students is critical to stand out from the competition. Learn how to use data to develop an attractive international programme portfolio and assess your competition. Are you considering to develop an online programme? Learn from higher education marketing experts who have successfully created and launched online modules.

Student demographics are changing rapidly and the countries that worked for your enrolment strategy during the last intake might not prove so reliable next year. Learn how to research where interest in certain study fields is increasing to grow your potential sources and recruit a diverse pool of international students.

Focusing on a country and an age group on Facebook and Instagram is no longer enough to reach the right student audience. Learn how to target the exact student profile you would like to recruit. Leverage interests, academic background, zip codes, financial and other platform-specific information to micro target your ideal student audience across the various social media channels.

Millennials and Gen Z value their data privacy. They are independent thinkers who don’t always follow our carefully planned conversion funnels, don’t click on ads or fill out forms. How can universities implement non-linear forms of communication to engage with prospective students and better support their exploration journey?

Digital student recruitment

Today’s students are making their decisions on their mobile phones. Is your website and your marketing keeping up? Can you track how students engage with your digital content? Learn how to integrate user experience into your recruitment, build and test effective landing pages, and leverage Google Analytics to assess your impact.

There is not a single channel – paid or otherwise – that can do the most efficient recruitment for all of your programmes. You have to profile your students, segment and test, test, test per market, per audience, or per programme. Here we’ll take a deep dive into a variety of channels and present case studies.

Are your website and landing pages optimised for conversion? Join our UX designers who will open up the world of A/B tests, user research and how to empower students to guide the design of an online experience.

The student journey to enrolment is anything but linear. Students engage with universities in multiple ways, across a variety of touch points and during a fairly long period of time, which makes it hard for universities to identify and keep track of prospects. Let’s look at how to integrate tracking along the student recruitment funnel and how to determine relevant KPIs for maximum success. 

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