Strategic decision making

Informed Strategy Planning: using big data on real-time student demand

Classroom 4 April 25, 2018 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Thijs van Vugt

International recruitment is becoming increasingly vital to universities across the world, and with TNE universities are increasingly playing a global role. But how does one decide where best to open a branch campus for those unable to travel for education?

Using big data on student demand can help universities make an informed decision. Furthermore, as university budgets are getting tighter, university execs want justification on their investments. Adding to that increased competition in university marketing and international student recruitment, segmentation is getting more and more important. University marketers and recruiters need more insights into market opportunities so that they can target prospective students more precisely.

Recently, as the student choice has moved online, study search behaviour data has become available providing real-time insights into future demand and supply by country of destination, subject area, and country of origin and even region and city of origin and destination. Using data visualisation, tools are now increasingly available. One of these tools is the Studyportals’ Dashboard. About 30 million unique visitors use Studyportals each year to find a study programme abroad. This grants insights on where these students are coming from, the top countries where they consider pursuing a degree abroad, and the subject areas they are most interested in. This data, generated by millions of users, has proven to be an accurate reflection and projection of the market for higher education.

This session presents real-time insights into student interest for selected countries and cities and how to use these insights to target international students, but also to determine where to open new campuses around the globe.

Learning outcomes 

Essential for anyone interested in strategic planning and (future) international market opportunities, attendees will come away with a range of practical recommendations and insights, these will cover:

  • Trends and developments
  • Subject- and country-specific market opportunities
  • How data can be used for insights and strategy

Type of session: Workshop

Requirements: Laptop or Tablet is required for this session.