Digital student recruitment

GDPR and student recruitment

Classroom 1 April 25, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Laurens Vehmeijer

The 25th of May 2018 will change the way that businesses process and manage their data going forward. Studyportals’ Data Protection Officer – Laurens Vehmeijer will share his findings on GDPR, and discuss what we are doing here at Studyportals and how we believe it will affect student recruitment across the world. Let’s discuss how the key principles of GDPR will effect HigherEd Student Recruitment and the methods that the HE sector need to put in place to comply with the most comprehensive data regulations so far.

During this session, we will cover topics such as

  • A new definition of personal data
  • The story so far, how we arrived at the worth of today’s personal data
  • What does this mean for YOU?
  • The six lawful grounds for data processing
  • What are the complexities of consent under GDPR?
  • How will your marketing be affected?
  • Consent-based student recruitment, is this the future?
  • Why should GDPR be used as an opportunity to build engagement through trust?


Type of session: (Interactive) Presentation.

Requirements: none.